Best dishwasher cleaner for hard water deposits and soap scum build-up
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Best dishwasher cleaner for hard water deposits and soap scum build-up

You wouldn't take a bath in a dirty bathtub, so why clean your dishes in a dirty dishwasher? A common myth is that your dishwasher cleans itself during the wash cycle. This simply isn't the case. Over time, hard water deposits, rust and food can build up inside your dishwasher, reducing its performance. The result is ineffective cleaning that leaves dishes spotty, cloudy, dirty and a potential breeding ground for bacteria. To deal with the problem, many households resort to home remedies or replace the dishwasher itself, only to find that the problem isn't resolved. Now, there's a solution.

You just need Dishwasher Magic® – the #1 brand of dishwasher cleaner and solution. Dishwasher Magic removes hard water and rust build–up from spray arms, hoses and filters and is the only EPA–approved dishwasher cleaner certified to kill 99.9% of specifically tested bacteria.

Just a bottle a month will clean, freshen and maintain your dishwasher so you get the most important thing: clean and germ–free dishes.

Kills 99% of e-coli and salmonella

Dishwasher Magic Cleans — the only EPA–approved disinfectant formula killing 99.9% of gram–negative bacteria, e–coli and salmonella.

Dishwasher Magic Freshens — removing odor–causing food stains and residue that detergents leave behind.

Dishwasher Magic Maintains — removing tough built–up rust, calcium and lime which effect water circulation and cleaning efficiency.

So put Dishwasher Magic to work today — for yourself, your family and your peace of mind.